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Magi 222 translations


I’m sorry for being late! ;-; I blame Ugo for his complicated speeches >-< 

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After reading the latest chapter, I noticed fanatics mentioned David (Solomon’s father)’s absence in the matter, even though his son has already taken part of the world under his control. You would think he would be a little more freaked out but:

That reminded me of a few chapters back when Sinbad mentioned having spies in each corner of the world in order to keep himself informed and prepared:

And of course this led me to remember Sinbad’s mind control magic that he uses for this:

And Kyougyoku’s crazy face when under control

and well

The point I am trying to make is that there is a chance Sheba was possessed by David at some point and that’s what ultimately brought Solomon’s fall. He wasn’t sitting around just doing nothing. He was waiting for the right moment to make his move:

And it this part who Solomon is talking about is his father not Sheba:

Which points to the current Gyokuen actually being Solomon’s father not  Sheba (who probably perished in the other world along her body because I think the current Gyokuen is another taken body):

Just another theory very different to my previous one. Can’t wait until I am proven to be completely wrong



Like mother, like son

My theory about Aladdin's mother and Gyokuen...


  • Firstly, it’s about Aladdin’s mother….

I’m sure 90% that the corrupted Magi’s Aladdin’s “other world’s mother” as claimed by himself in the Pirates arc. Why is there still 10% uncertainty? Because Ohtaka-sensei hasn’t confirmed it yet… Let compare the two’s appearance:

The corrupted…


I can’t believe they already leaked a screenshot from animated Alma Toran arc

I would love to say it orz;